Some Wildlife At The Lighthouse


We saw a very cute little bunny that came over every morning to visit us! This photo was taken by the gardens at 7AM


This is one of the many snakes that live around the path, we are not sure what kind of snake it is, but we thought it might be a fox snake. And yes, this snake is blind on its left eye; that is why I was able to get so close.


On our way up we saw two small turtles crossing the road leading the lighthouse. We think that they were painted turtles.


Here you can see three loons, and the white bird in the back is a seagull. It was very amazing to see so many loons so close. Seeing them is one thing, but hearing them is another! Those beautiful birds were calling all morning: they have such a special call that when you hear it once…you’ll always recognize anywhere and anytime.

There have also been many sightings of different kinds of snakes, plenty of chipmunks, foxes, many different kinds of birds (blue jays) and last year there were even reports of black bears around the amazing grounds of the Cabot Head Lighthouse.

































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