The Cabot Head Trails

When you visit the lighthouse you can head off on a trail which will lead you along Wing Field Basin, also known as the Georgian Bay coastal route, where you can enjoy amazing views over the basin and over Georgian Bay. The trail itself is well kept and easy to walk, with only a couple hills to ascend and descend.

Trail Entrance 2The trail entrance from the bay TrailA part of the trail Trail EntranceThe trail entrance Trail Water View 2 View over the basin and the shipwreckTrail Water View 3A closer look at the shipwreckTrail Water ViewLookout over Georgian Bay   Uphill ViewThe biggest uphill part of the trail with large stones on the side


The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Established in 1896 to guide ships rounding Cabot Head, this Lightstation has served for decades as an important navigational aid to boaters on the often turbulent Georgian Bay. Today, the Cabot Head Lighstation has been returned to useful services as a historical local landmark, including museum, interpretive plaques, trails, picnic area, gift shop and art gallery.